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Online Courses

School District #22 offers online courses to students in the district with the approval of their home school.  For more information about online courses visit or 250-542-0249 or toll free 1-888-605-3276.

Online courses are offered in one of two ways:

1.  School Supported:  If the home school can provide a teacher to monitor and mark the online work, students are given access to the online course, and the teacher at the student's school sets the pace and provides the academic support.

2.  Online Supported:  If a teacher from the home school is not available to support the online course, teachers from School District #22's Alternate Programs are available to provide the academic monitoring and support as well as the marking required. 

The school counselor or administrator is to contact Bruce Weitzel regarding eligibility.  This option requires students register at CrossRoads. It is recommended that students using this option also have a home school mentor - a teacher or counselor who addresses attendance and progress concerns.

In either option, if the home school cannot provide an appropriate textbook, texts may be purchased, if available, at CrossRoads.  The policies of the home school with regards to attendance and behaviors always apply.

Adult students are welcome to apply for option #2, and will be accepted pending availability of teachers to cover requested subjects.